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    Our client is the largest medical and healthcare group in China, which is directly managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), with the core businesses of distribution, retail, R&D and manufacture of products related to healthcare.


    In 2013, it was ranked in the Global Top 500 Corporations as the first Chinese pharmaceutical company and the 10th among global pharmaceutical companies on the list, and realized the strategic transformation from commerce-dominated to industry-dominated, showing obvious industrial chain collaboration and scale effect.


    The Company has its business of eight parts, that is logistics & distribution, chemical drug, biologics, TCM (Sino-TCM), medical apparatus and instruments, scientific research and engineering, health and exhibition and media, under which, there are 11 wholly owned or holding subsidiaries and 6 listed companies.


    Since 2005, The company has all along ranked first for its operation revenue in domestic pharmaceuticals industry, over twice ahead the second. Its market share in the industry has increased from 1% in 2002 to 17.28% in 2012 with the sales revenue up to RMB 165.237 billion, ranking the best in the entire country.


    While developing enterprise scale, to achieve the strategy of "becoming bigger by commerce, excellent by industry and stronger by science", the company commences to step into the field of industry. The target of operation revenue for 2005 is RMB 300 billion (the sales revenue exceeding RMB 50 billion) and ranking in the top three places in global pharmaceutical industry.


    At present, the company has built 31 branches of the provincial distribution network with the operation revenue from medical devices exceeding RMB 10 billion in 2013. It can cooperate and collaborate with the other platforms with its marketing network of medical devices, the third party maintenance service, financial leasing, bidding qualification, state reserve qualification, the third party logistics qualification, etc. The company builds the industrial platform of medical devices mainly by merger and acquisition. The target of gross output value for 2015 is RMB 700 million.


    At present, it is seeking for the medical devices, patented technologies and projects of new technology and huge potential for investment and cooperation. It is willing to provide the support of fund, production, sales network and industry resources for the medical device makers of a certain scale or having higher technology content and, with its own dominance in the field of medical devices, seek for the counterpart strategic investors for its clients in the dual-market of both products and capital.


    Main investment orientation: new medical devices of image, minimally invasive treatment, medical supplies of new materials, diagnostic reagent, health, surgery, orthopedics, software or the others with great market potential. All the scientific institutions and investors who have a mind to share the future of Chinese medical device industry are welcome for business negotiation.

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