A Beijing based company looking for the clean technologies
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    A Beijing based company looking for the following technologies

    It's mainly about the products and technology for the environmental protection and energy saving of diesel vehicles, such as natural gas or the other clean energy. For gasoline cars, if advanced, it's also ok. That's the direction and here are some details.

    1.The product or technology that can make diesel oil burn completely - At present, it does not burn completely for diesel vehicles, wasting fuel and resulting in more exhaust particles and polluting the air.

    2.The product or technology that can reduce the exhaust particles - Fix a processing unit at somewhere in the diesel vehicle thus to make the exhaust particles emitted into the air harmless after the purification treatment.

    3.  Or, the device directly treating the exhaust, which can reduce the deleterious particles of 

exhaust emissions.

    4.The product or technology that can substitute diesel oil with natural gas - It can refit the diesel vehicles in use on the market thus to reduce the consumption of diesel. It should not be influenced in extreme hot or cold temperature conditions, such as in summer or in winter. It should be economical, stable and safe, not reducing the power and ensuring the exhaust qualified.

    For No. 4 above, LNG (liquefied natural gas) is preferred.

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