SL Co., Ltd. seeking for cooperation
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SL Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in SiC subtract manufacture. The registered capital is 60 million RMB and the total assets is 200 million RMB. SL locates inHeBei province of China, the floor space is 3000 m2, and the advanced SiC crystal growth furnace and wafer manufacture equipment are installed, it is one of the few Chinese company which have the ability of SiC wafer mass production, SL devotes to be a SiC wafer supplier with international influence.TheSL’s technology has been approved by Chinese MOST and the HeBei government, and funded by projects as 863 and SiC technology industrialization of HeBei province, a SiC application and development research associated laboratory and academician workstation are established by SL and Institute of semiconductors, Chinese academy of sciences. The SL’s technology on semi-insulating 4” wafer manufacture is on top of China.For further speed up the R&D and close the gap with developed company, SL is seeking cooperation in the following technology area.

1. High purity SiC powder manufacture technology, the B, Al, N impurity concentration is less than 0.01 PPM;
2. High quality 4H-SiC crystal growth technology;
3. Wafer processing technology for terraced surface;

The technology should including process, factory and equipment requirements etc., and the technology must be mutual and stable, no secondary development.

The cooperation mode can be diversified, including technology transfer, technology investment, employing technology engineer or establish a joint venture company etc., the final mode is decided by the negotiation.

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