Eco-friendly technology for diesel vehicles
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    A Beijing based company looking for environmental protection and energy saving technology to apply on diesel vehicles. Gas or other clean energy technologies are a focus too. For gasoline cars only edge-technology are the focus. Specifically:


    1.The product or technology can make diesel oil burn completely. At present, it does not burn completely for diesel vehicles, wasting fuel and resulting in more exhaust particles and polluting the air.


    2.The product or technology can reduce the exhaust particles o treating the exhaust particles, which can reduce the deleterious particles of the emissions.
    3.The product or technology can substitute diesel oil with gas. The technology should be able to refit the diesel vehicles in use on the market, reducing the consumption of diesel. The product has to work in hot or cold temperature conditions, such as in summer or in winter. It should be economical, stable and safe, not reducing the power and ensuring the exhaust qualify.

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