About Us

Helosina is Victwo.cn’s subordinate service platform helping foreign property owners find Chinese investors. Due to the transformation and upgrading of Chinese economy, there is  storming demand for high-valued properties including  overseas companies, technologies, brands and distribution networks. Interested overseas property sellers please register in Helosina and release your sales in our website, overseas manufacturers can also release your cooperation information here to find Chinese agents and business partners.

Overseas sellers may  pay to  release cooperation information in Helosina and be found by Chinese investors or sign agency agreement with Helosina to find investors or business partners if they do not want to be exposed before the deal is closed.

Attention:  registration and information release will be free till 1st January 2017 in the promotion period and each registration will be charged 500USD after this period.Only true registrators will be accepted as the memebers of this platform, we have to  cancel the false or fake registration immediately  for the good of the  sincere and honest users.