Satellite Navigation System: system integrator, map and data analysis and indoor position system
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    1.Satellite navigation, including companies doing R&D of high-precision chip, antenna and board card or high-precision application companies;

    2.Special industrial system integrator: petroleum and petrochemical industry, harbor, coal mine, and other similar applications;

    3.Geographic information industry, especially map data production and analysis;

    4.High-precision indoor positioning system;

    5.[HOT] Precision agriculture, precision machinery, harbor/port precision machinery control related to GPS and indoor positioning;

    It refers to accomplishment of the accuracy control using centimeter-level high precision GPS; the product should also include system control software. Any company that has control software or does activities related will be a target for consideration.

    Precision agriculture refers to:

    1.Tractor guidance--assisting driver to drive according to the preset route--the first application of GNSS in agriculture;


    2.Automatic navigation--used in large farm where agricultural machinery automatically runs according to preset route--advanced application of GNSS;

    3.Variable speed technology--To decide the quantity of agricultural fertilizer, nutrition input according to actual conditions in different regions;

    4.Asset management--To use real-time information to monitor the location and status of farm equipment--new application of GNSS.

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