Optical analysis systems are used across a broad range of applications including chemical and materials analysis, medical diagnostics, bio-sensing and process monitoring. Light sources are critical components in all optical analysis systems. The most common types of light source used in these systems are Xenon, Mercury, Deuterium and Tungsten-Halogen lamps. Such lamps are considered specialty or high-value products compared to lamps used for general illumination or display. They emit a broad and continuous spectrum, often with a large component in the UV region, which is essential for many sensing applications. However, they are difficult to manufacture and they often display variations or inconsistencies in performance.They are highly inefficient and exhibit short operating lifetimes which significantly impacts cost.

    Figure: Deuterium lamp with power supply – bulky, inefficient and with a short lifetime. Tyndall is developing a replacement product using LEDs, that exhibits increased efficiency and operating lifetime. Its compact size means it fits neatly into any application and is ideal for portable analysis systems.

    Tyndall is currently developing a proprietary LED-based solution as a direct replacement for light sources used in optical sensing applications. The solution is based on the combination of LED arrays, photo-excitable phosphors,3D LED substrates and a light mixing cavity. The product can be designed to meet the exact optical characteristics
of the application, so a variety of markets can be addressed. It is compact, highly power efficient, and exhibits significantly increased lifetime over conventional light sources.

    Figure: Broadband light emission from a prototype LED array and phosphor combination.The final product will be assembled in a compact TO-type package to enable easy retro-fitting with conventional light sources.

    Development Stage
    Prototypes will soon be available for customer demonstration purposes. Major players in the optical analysis systems market have expressed significant interest in the product as there is no available equivalent.Tyndall is seeking entrepreneurs to explore commercialisation of this technology through the creation of new start-up company.
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