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    Clinical / Healthcare: Active clotting agent, or "haemostat" for the control of bleeding


    The company has developed a new class of active clotting agent, or "haemostat" for the control of bleeding. The company has pioneered a new approach to haemostasis that is based on a peptide that binds to the protein fibrinogen, inducing the rapid and targeted formation of clots. This innovative technology platform is being used to develop a pipeline of topical and systemic products to treat different forms of bleeding.


    Stage ‐ Pipeline Expansion
    PeproStat™, a topical haemostat that is applied directly to wounds to rapidly control bleeding during surgery. PeproStat has a novel mode of action that is fast and effective. It is manufactured from blood‐free components and will be available in a range of ready‐to‐use formulations. Current products are typically blood‐derived and often require preparation prior to use. PeproStat is scheduled to enter clinical trials during 2013, subject to regulatory approval. HaemoPlax™, is a platelet substitute in development for the prevention of bleeding in leukaemic patients with platelet deficiency (thrombocytopenia). HXTC901 is a 'pro‐drug' version of HaemoPlax that is activated by the enzyme thrombin at a wound site. HXTC 901 is designed to control more active bleeds in surgery or trauma.


    Based at BioCity, Nottingham, UK, the company was co‐founded in 2003 by Sarah Middleton and Professor Alison Goodall as a spin‐out from the University of Leicester. The Company was established to commercialise a new technology platform based upon a specific peptide sequence that binds to fibrinogen – a protein essential to the formation of clots. The peptide is coupled to different forms of solid support or soluble carriers to create both topical and systemic haemostats. This new technology platform is the basis of a pipeline of first‐in‐class products to treat various forms of bleeding in surgery, trauma and in leukaemic patients.

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