Energy Saving / Cleantech
    Power Load Management for off grid telecoms base stations


    The company innovative solutions assists telecoms base station owners reduce their power OPEX in both the current install base and on new sites. The company has recently seen significant growth in demand for solutions in networks located in areas which are not connected to reliable grids, such as areas of India, Africa and Asia Pacific. Such base stations have traditionally been significant users of diesel as a source of power as they require high operational performance. Despite the lack of a reliable power source, and by intelligently supplementing or replacing generator use with renewable energy, The company can deliver at least a 50% reduction in diesel use making both a significant financial and environmental savings.


    Stage – Expansion
    The company, originating from Motorola, is the industry leader in providing turnkey, off‐grid or unreliable grid power solutions for wireless network operators. The Company offers a unique combination of expertise in power, battery technologies, renewable energy and mobile telecommunications, providing solutions with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), but which are easy to install, maintain and are flexible for the future. The company solutions bring performance and simplicity to a complex environment. The company product solutions have a compact footprint and solutions can inter‐operate with practically any rectifier, battery, generator, solar panels, wind turbine, fuel cells and active equipment radio equipment. The solutions are manufactured in volume by Jabil Inc to meet industry quality standards. The solution is proven in the field with over 20 customer networks rolled out, exceeding technical & financial performance targets.


    Partners / Awards / Deals / customers:
    Robi Bangladesh
    2012 European Tech Tour Association "one of the 30 most exciting tech companies in the UK."
    2011 CleanTech Awards – 3rd year running


    Opportunity for China
    Off Grid Base Stations/Telecoms

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