A New South Wales based‘Intelligent Infrastructure’company is seeking:
    - possible local partners (ICT system integrators or electrical contractors)
    - possible influences (architecture, engineering & construction services)
    - possible clients (shopping centre owner/operators, airport operators, developers)
to simplify parking management by assisting drivers in finding a parking space, strong security features and unparalleled customer service and facility management tools.

    This company is the world leader in digital camera-based Vehicle Tracking System for undercover car parks.
    It is the first digital imaging product that can monitor every space in a car park through video-analytics to not only sense the presence/absence of cars but also to sees those vehicles, their License Plates, and utilise complex computer vision algorithms to improve the efficiency and profitability of parking assets.
    It has enable clients to maximise the yield from car parks across shopping malls, hospitals, airports, commercial garages, stadiums and universities.

    Competitive Technology Advantage
    The world's first:
    •‘Find Your Car’application, which is regarded as the biggest innovation in parking technology in decades.
    •‘Automatic Security’ to improve quality of control.
    • targeted marketing and customer profiling.
    •‘Preferred Parking’for improved profitability.

    Intellectual Property (IP):
    The Vehicle Tracking System started being developed by the company in Australia, and the company owns the IP on its products/services.

    Company Details
    Year of established: Since 06 Sep 2005.
    Annual turnover: over A$10 millions.
    Staff numbers: 25

    Offices: Sydney, London and New York

    Key clients:
    • Shopping centre owner/operators
    - Westfield, Colonial First State, GPT, IKEA, Macerich, Stockland, Tesco,QIC.

    • Airports
    - Brisbane Airport Corporation, Adelaide Airport, Canberra Airport.

    Target International Markets
    • USA:high number of suitable sites to adopt Program Guidance System (PGS)
    • Asia Pacific (fast developing region, with significant market potential)
    • Central & South America (developing region, with limited competition and an appetite for differentiated solutions)
    • Middle East (rich region, with an appetite for differentiated solutions)

    The company's global installed base is over 75,000 spaces in 15 countries across Australia, Western Europe and United States, and it has Research and Development(R&D) capabilities to develop hardware S software required to deliver turn-key systems to clients around the world.
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Contact:Nicholas Zhou

Tel:86 591 28365025

Fax:86 591 28365027

Address:RM 712, 7th Floor, Foreign Trade Building, Wusi Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, 350001, CHINA

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