A worid leader in intelligent' battery chargers for rail is seeking;
    - possible local partners to sell its auxiliary power electronic products to rail builders in the China market
    - possible Chinese clients (rail builders) in RAIL industry.
    15 years in the business with all products are specialised for rail application.
    The company designs and builds Intelligent battery chargers, Inverters for air conditioning on locomotives and passenger cars, DC:DC converters, Auxiliary inverters for locomotive systems and passenger cars.
    •Intelligent battery chargers powered from 750 Vdc or 380/400 Vac 3-phase galvanicaUy isolated - 100 to 300 amp - a world leading product.
    •Cycloverter - single phase to 3-phase at unity power factor for EMUs operating off ac overhead supplies, 15 and 25 kV- a world leading product.
    •Single phase inverters 74 or 110 Vdc to 240 Vac. 4, 9 and 14 kWgalvanically isolated intended for air conditioning (lightest in weight, smallest in size and silent in operation).
    •Three phase inverters 600 or 750 Vdc to 38D/400 Vac 9. 18, 22 and 30 kW gatvanicalry isolated (lightest in weight, smallest in size and silent in operation).
    •Three phase inverters 74 or 110 Vdc to 380/400 Vac 9, 14 kW galvanicalfy isolated intended for air conditioning.
    •Three phase inverters 600 or 750 Vdc to 380/400 Vac 30 kW in phase-lock-loop to create a common 3-phase bus gatvanically isolated.
    •DCformers (DC:DC converters) in 9 kW modules paralleled up to 36 kW galvanicalry isolated*-
    •Three phase inverters, liquid cooled up to 36 kWgalvanically isolated.

    •Advanced power electronic technology.
    •The company is a woild leader in intelligent battery chargers for rail.
    •The products are one third of the weight and size of its competitors.
    •The battery chargers are uniquely intelligent and extend the life of batteries to more than 6 years instead of a few months.
    •Auxiliaries for the locomotives are the most difficult products to design and there are not many suppliers that cover this sector. This is the company's strength.

    Intellectual Property (IP):
    •All IPs are developed and owned by the company.
    •All software is designed in house and not sold - not even to license holders.
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Contact:Nicholas Zhou

Tel:86 591 28365025

Fax:86 591 28365027

Address:RM 712, 7th Floor, Foreign Trade Building, Wusi Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, 350001, CHINA

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