Consumer demand for higher brightness, higher resolution and lower power consumption are key requirements driving the developments of next generation liquid crystal displays. Researchers at Cambridge University have developed a new display mode based on short-pitch chiral nematics, that not only achieves switching times sufficiently fast to allow provision of frame sequential colour and hence elimination of absorbing colour filters, but also provides wide viewing angles and high contrast ratios to be achieved.

    Ultra-fast liquid crystal display:
    •This technology has had a lot of development work done already, so we are now seeking an industrial partner to bring these displays into production.
     •Key benefits of this technology are:
    i.  Ultra-fast switching (<1ms), which is good for gaming and for 3D displays, and also enables “frame sequential colour” technology
    ii. Static contrast ratio of 5,000:1, which means really good on-screen colour definition
    iii.Can be easily integrated into conventional (IPS) manufacturing systems for LCD displays
    •“Frame sequential colour” technology will give further benefits:
    i.  Three times higher resolution than existing LCD displays
    ii. Elimination of colour filter, which will make these displays considerably cheaper  than current LCD displays
    iii.Potentially significantly lower power requirement, which is important for mobile display applications
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